There is a hobby called cross-dressing

There is a hobby called cross-dressing

There is a hobby called cross-dressing.


Some people think that some boys who are not masculine are alien and are not allowed. But some people think that we are now in an open and pluralistic society, and the aesthetics are colorful, and we should be tolerant of it.


Of course, gender is fixed, but people’s hearts are different. We cannot distinguish people’s preferences by gender. Everyone is independent and free.


Men can be weak, women can be strong.We should face this, and what we have always advocated is that cross-dressing is a hobby, just as it is often said that a boy likes to eat sweets, which is a hobby. Sweets are not exclusive to girls. It's the same with clothes. Some boys think they look good in girls' clothes, and they just like that clothes. It does not affect the fact that he is a boy.

But unfortunately, too many people take advantage of the image of girl's clothing boss to do something that makes people uncomfortable, which has caused some criticism to drag lovers. Therefore, we should face up to some of these issues, and don't confuse hobbies with essence. Like women and want to be girls are two qualities. The two should not be treated "equally", but should be "different from person to person."

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